Sky Creative Agency
Welcome to Sky Creative Agency – probably the biggest in-house agency in the world

About us


We are Sky’s in-house creative agency; a broad and exciting range of talent delivering an extensive and varied portfolio of work across all of Sky’s content Advertising, Promotion and Brand design.

From rebranding Sky Sports to designing key art and delivering ATL campaigns for Sky’s commissions and original productions, we are uniquely placed to offer our people a huge range of exciting and diverse career opportunities.  We look after our people and we’re committed to making Sky Creative Agency the very best creative agency and a brilliant place to work.

We believe that in-house is right for content and right for Sky - the best of both worlds: a great portfolio of work with unrivalled proximity to our clients, programme makers and commissioners alike. We love what we do and share first-hand in the success of the brands, shows & content we help create, promote and market.